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Refresh Rate Test | Check the Hz of Your Monitor

Refresh Rate Test

Refresh Rate Test | Check the Hz of Your Monitor

Refresh Rate Test

Conveniently check your monitor's refresh rate in Hz

The Refresh Rate Test

Your Monitor's Refresh Rate


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Refresh rate is the capability of the monitor in which it can draw new images on display in one second; the higher it has the replacement number of frames in a second, the higher refresh rate it gets. Gaming with the proper Fps and refresh rate gives you a next-level gaming experience. Because both features determine the gaming speed; therefore, your gaming faith depends on it.

The quality of your display is measured by its refresh rate. So, it is important to stay updated about your monitor refresh rate. To make this process quick and convenient with our refresh rate test. Because reading the refresh rate written on the display description is not enough to measure the working refresh rate of your monitor.

Generally, refresh rate is termed as the number of images replaced by a monitor’s display in a second. We use milliseconds to measure the time interval between the change while the unit for refresh rate measurement is hertz (Hz). You should know that refresh rate is not a CPU’s or graphic card feature; instead, it is an essential feature of a monitor.

If you are looking for a suitable PC for gaming, in that case, the refresh rate is the most important factor to compare the effectiveness of random monitors. You can use our refresh rate tester to get the result. However, refresh rate alone does not increase the gaming speed, but to get a required gaming experience, you need both a monitor with a high refresh rate and a system with a high FPS.

Importance of Refresh Rate

During the gameplay or watching TV, the images on display are constantly replaced by new images to get movement on the screen. Although, the process is relatively fast and tough enough to catch by a human eye. If the refresh rate is extremely low, moving pictures on the screen slows down and shows a slow-motion effect. If the images stop moving, this is the worst situation.

If your monitor has a 30Hz refresh rate, it means the monitor can change 30 images per second. In contrast, if the monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate, that is an excellent rate because it can replace 60 images in a second. Even at 30Hz, the replacement speed is too high to be noticed by the human eye.

To understand the role of refresh rate, you should know how important the refresh rate is to get smooth gameplay and how it impacts the visuals of the game. Because a monitor with a low refresh rate fails to show the action is happening on the screen at the required time, and as a result, you may lose the game.

Important Components to Utilize the Refresh Rate

You need these three components to get a complete advantage of the monitor’s refresh rate. Without these factors, even the highest refresh rate is a waste.

  • Firstly, the monitor with a high refresh rate.
  • Secondly, a CPU with the required power to execute critical tasks and gaming instructions, like AI, data rendering, logic, etc. 
  • Lastly, a GPU with high FPS generate mandatory frames to display on the screen. 

Different Refresh Rates

The visuals of your game depending on the refresh rate of monitor. So, if you want to get your desired gaming visuals, then choose the monitor with the right refresh rate. Here I am sharing some standard refresh rates used by gamers according to their gaming level.

1. 60 Hz

If you are a novice gamer, then a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate is perfect for you. To get a refresh rate of 60Hz, you do not need any additional tools and cards. Usually, this is an ideal refresh rate range because it is easy to achieve and shows the display in HD without any blur images. In games where you don’t need complex images like Minecraft, Roblox, GTA, etc., a 60Hz refresh rate is more than enough.

However, it was a standard refresh rate for all types of games. Because it was double 30 Hz and can replace the display images after every 17 milliseconds. But now, often, players prefer 4K video resolution; anyhow, if you cannot afford a 4k screen, then a 60Hz monitor is a reasonably good option for decent gameplay with HD results.

2. 75 Hz

It would be best to have a little higher refresh rate for shooting games to encounter on-screen activity in real-time. Therefore, a 25% boost is perfect, i.e., a 75Hz refresh rate. With this refresh rate, you get a higher chance of winning the game. As a novice gamer, it is tough to find any shutters and glitches in the game unless you are an experienced player. This refresh rate is perfect for games like CS, a shooter game, and the need for speed, a racing game.

3. 144 Hz

As professional players, people can distinguish monitors with high or refresh rates. Also, experienced players can detect screen tearing and glitches instantly. Therefore, for fast-paced games, a 144Hz refresh rate monitor is important. With this refresh rate, you will not experience any screen tearing because of image replacement after every 7 milliseconds.

In competitive games, a delay of one second can turn things upside down. Therefore, to see every activity and react to it, you need a monitor that offers smooth online play without any glitch or screen tearing.

4. 240 Hz

240Hz refresh rate is also for experienced gamers, but you get a life-like video quality with this rate. Also, if you are fond of playing competitive games or FPS games and taking part in e-tournaments, you should definitely try it. As a novice gamer, you cannot differentiate between the 144Hz and 240Hz monitors. With a 240Hz monitor, you get quick and updated surroundings and quickly respond according to it. For a realistic gaming approach, a 240Hz monitor is all you need.

How to Test Refresh Rate of Monitor?

You can test monitor refresh rate by using two ways, with the help of an online monitor refresh rate test and manually from the settings. Here I am sharing both options so you can choose the suitable one or use both to ensure accuracy.

By Using Online Tool

Are you using a monitor and want to know its refresh rate? Then this monitor refresh rate test gives you an instant result about the current refresh rate of it. You can check the refresh rate of your monitor in the settings, but who knows if it is correct or not. Therefore, we came up with an accurate refresh rate monitor test for real-time working refresh rate.

Moreover, it is highly convenient to evaluate the result with this tool. To check it, follow these steps.

  • Go above, on the tool.
  • You have to stay on the page for almost a few seconds to let the tool check the refresh rate of your monitor.
  • To check whether the tool is working or not, check the message block. If it shows the word measuring, then just wait for a little.
  • Once the refresh rate tester successfully measures the refresh rate, it will replace that message with the refresh rate value of the monitor. 

This tool helps you check the refresh rate with 100% accuracy without making you wait.

Display Settings

You can check the refresh rate of your monitor from the display settings. This is so simple and takes a few minutes. If you have a Windows PC, go to display settings by using the shortcut Window+I or press the right button on display, it will show you a dropdown. Click on the display settings and go to advanced display settings.

On this page, you can find several details about your Pc, like the monitor’s model number, refresh rate, and available refresh rates for your monitor. Here, check the current refresh rate of your screen in provided details.

How to Change Monitor Refresh Rate?

If you successfully check refresh rate of your monitor, then you can change it easily. To change the monitor refresh rate, follow these steps.

  • Go to display settings from the desktop by clicking the right mouse button. It will show you a dropdown; click on display settings to open it.
  • If you find it difficult, open the settings by clicking Window+I. Then click on the system settings, it will show you display settings. 
  • Scroll down and click on advanced display settings
  • In advance settings, look for refresh rate under the display information 
  • Click on the current refresh rate value, and it will show you multiple refresh rate options available for your monitor. These options depend on your monitor, graphic card, and screen resolution.
  • Change refresh rate of the monitor and choose the one that suits you the most according to gaming needs.

The higher the refresh rate gets, the more it will utilize your system’s power. If you want to play a game with less complexity, then prefer the standard refresh rate that is 60Hz. But competitive games like PUBG, CS: GO, etc., prefer higher refresh rates, so you get the updated information on the screen.

What is a Good Refresh Rate for TV?

Generally, the refresh rate for tv is 60Hz or 120Hz; even at 60Hz, you can experience a clear and smooth video play. However, if you plan to watch a movie or play a game, then 120Hz is preferable.

The majority of TVs have HDMI 2.0 inputs, limiting the refresh rate to 60Hz. So if you want to use your Tv to play games with a refresh rate of 120Hz, then buy a TV with HDMI 2.1 port.

What Is a Required Refresh Rate for a Gaming TV?

If you want to play games using older consoles, then a 60Hz Tv is enough. In case you want to connect it with modern gaming consoles, then make sure to choose a TV with HDMI 2.1 port. With this TV, you can play games by connecting Xbox One S/X, Xbox Series X, and PS5.

Moreover, you can choose a TV with a variable refresh rate. This feature accurately syncs the frame rate and refresh rate of the TV. With increasing fps, it adjusts the refresh rate according to it. Furthermore, there are two types of VRR TVs, and one has FreeSync while the other has G-Sync. Nvidia’s G-Sync is compatible with gaming PCs and other gaming TVs but didn’t work for next-generation consoles. In contrast, TVs with Xbox series support FreeSync.

The higher you get the display refresh rate, the more it gets better. For example, a 120Hz refresh rate is better than 60Hz for competitive games. However, all kinds of refresh rates are good if they work according to the requirements.

Why is a High Refresh Rate Important for Gaming?

A high refresh rate brings multiple benefits for professional gamers. With a refresh rate of 144Hz or 120Hz, gamers experience a tear-free, glitch-screen with fast input. If you are a gamer where quick input plays a vital role, like in competitive games like CS: GO, PUBG, Free Fire, etc, a high refresh rate is important for gaming.

Monitor with high refresh rate updates the surrounding changes instantly to take quick action. However, a non-gamer person cannot point out the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rate because it just smoothens the look of the screen while doing other tasks on the computer. In contrast, gamers need a smooth screen to get a life-like gaming experience.


Refresh rate is how many times your monitor refreshes the screen in one second. An appropriate refresh rate is important to reduce screen tearing, glitches, and lags. Therefore, professional users recommend a higher refresh rate to get an optimum experience. Also, for experienced gamers and competitive games refresh rate should be more than 120Hz, while for low console games, 60Hz is enough.

Moreover, it would be best if you stayed updated about the current refresh rate of your monitor so you can improve it whenever you want. For this, an online display refresh rate test is a quick solution. Stay updated about the refresh rate and change it according to the job requirement to get desired results.


1. Is the game’s FPS the same as a screen refresh rate?

The refresh rate is the number of display frames replaced by a monitor in a second. In contrast, the FPS is the number of frames generated by a graphic card in a second. Also, both computer features have different origins, like the responsibility for developing a high refresh rate in the monitor while the frames per second generated by the graphic card is known as the FPS.

2. Which is better: 60Hz or 120Hz refresh rate?

Although 60Hz was a standard refresh rate in previous years, the higher the refresh rate, the better it gets. According to this rule, the 120Hz refresh rate is twice as beneficial as the 60Hz with the right FPS. Also, it depends on the game requirement, whether you want it for a low pace game or a competitive game.

3. Is a refresh rate of 144Hz Good?

144Hz is a relatively high refresh rate for gaming as well as daily use monitors. With this refresh rate, you never face tearing and glitching. Because the replacement of frames takes place after every 7 milliseconds, enjoying a good game with a 144Hz refresh rate is not compulsory. If you just play the games for time pass, then the 60Hz refresh rate is more than enough.

4. Which is better, 90Hz or 120Hz?

The refresh rate smoothens the screen and improves the visuals on the screen. Also, a high refresh rate increases the display refresh rate and images replacement speed. Therefore, 120Hz is better than 90Hz. However, if you want to play a low console game like Minecraft or Roblox, you can get perfect results at 90Hz. But still, 120Hz is preferable to achieve an optimum gaming experience.

5. Is the online refresh rate test paid?

No, this screen refresh rate test is entirely free. You just stay for a while on the test, and it will show you the refresh rate of your laptop or monitor screen.

6. Is it safe to use when I test my refresh rate?

Yes, it is completely safe because the tool never asks for any confidential details here. You can use it multiple times without any risk because to use this tool, you have to open the website, and as an online tool, you don’t have to install any file in your system. Online refresh rate testers are 100% safe to use.

7. Are higher refresh rates worth it?

Yes, a higher refresh rate is all you need to get a life-like visual experience, whether you want to play a game or watch a movie. However, if you cannot afford a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, a 60Hz or 75Hz monitor can give a decent experience. But still, a higher refresh rate is worth it because the higher the refresh rate gets, the more it improves the screen’s visuals.

8. What is a reasonable monitor refresh rate for beginner gamers?

As a beginner, you don’t need to jump for a higher refresh rate of 240Hz directly. A refresh rate of 60Hz to 75Hz is more than enough for smooth gameplay without any highly noticeable glitches and tearing. However, the more refresh rate you can afford, the better gameplay you experience.

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