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How to Get Better at FPS Games?

How to get better at fps games

How to Get Better at FPS Games?

Have you ever started an online FPS game with great enthusiasm, screaming in joy and excitement, and lost all of it within a few minutes of being killed by other shooters? Well, if you have, we understand your emotions because these are very common with FPS players. When it comes to online FPS games, it feels like no matter what efforts you put in, they never work. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

With multiple Fps aiming games out there from call of duty to Overwatch and others, each requires a different way of playing. If you are a gamer, getting better at fps is important. We have compiled a list of friendly Fps tips that will help you get better at your FPS games and will hopefully improve your chances of winning against your competitors.

Get the Right Gear for Gaming

Get the Right Gear for Gaming

When it’s about aiming accuracy, the two things that matter the most in terms of hardware are your mousepad and mouse. The right gaming gear means getting a good gaming mouse. When in search of one, you need to consider several things including the weight, button layout, and DPI sensitivity. Pro gamers recommend using lightweight and simpler mice for gaming. For first-person shooter games, you just need either one or two thumbs for playing, so lighter mice are better. Moreover, your gaming mouse should have the least response time because you need to land headshots and work faster than your reflexes.

As much as a gaming mouse matters for a better FPS experience, you also need a comfortable mouse pad. It’s suggested that you get a large-sized mouse pad that fits your desk size, so you don’t have to lift your mouse in the middle of an intense game. So, before you play strategy fps games, make sure to choose the right gaming gear for getting better at first-person shooting.

Make Sure to Warm up Before Starting your Game

Gaming and Esports are not much different from outdoor sports, are they? When we talk about Esports, we often forget that a warm-up before these games is as necessary as the one before an outdoor game. Therefore, as a gamer, you must consider it your duty to have a warm-up session before taking on a competitive match. How to warm up before an FPS game? Most games have a gun mode, practice mode, or a deathmatch that you can use to practice your shooting and prepare your muscles before an intense match.

During your warm-up period, be sure to pay attention and practice your arm and wrist movements with long snaps, sprays, and headshots. A warm-up period before your gaming match can help improve your reflexes, aim, consistency, and tweak your muscles memory before your match, thereby leaving you better prepared for your FPS match.

Familiarize Yourself with the Surroundings

When you join a new game, you and your team are most likely fighting against random players from all over the world. Even when your opponents tend to vary in the game, in most cases, the game map will remain the same. You’ll be playing in the same area in most cases. Familiarizing yourself with the surroundings gives you a great advantage in fighting your enemy. If you are unaware of the surroundings, a staircase or balcony with a blind spot can hinder your skills.

Moreover, sometimes players keep running around the same area when they are unaware of the map, or their surroundings. When you are familiar with the game map, you can find shortcuts and alternative routes to find and attack your enemies.

Know Everything about your Game

To get better at FPS games, you must know everything about the game that you’re playing. Try to explore the details about the game and try to know more about it. Some players may find this unnecessary and skip this process, but your interest in the game does greatly matter. Try to find out different things about your game like legends, weapon damage, competitive teams and players, maps, tournaments, aim-angle, vehicles, and others.

In short, you must know every single detail about the game. Having awareness about your game will, therefore, help you in decision-making and make you a better player.

Concentrate your Attention and Focus

Concentrate on Your Game

Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate! Concentration is a very important thing if you want to get better at Fps training. While this factor isn’t given much importance, it plays an essential role in becoming a pro in FPS games. Concentration is a crucial factor that determines the efficiency of your consistency and shooting in an FPS game. If you enter the game with your mind stressed, you are less likely to focus on your game.

FPS games require your full concentration and attention. Pay attention to everything that goes on the screen, think from your enemy’s perspective, and stay alert and aware of your surroundings. While you maintain your concentration, keep yourself relaxed and composed. Try not to play during stressful hours as this can impact your statistics and reputation. Always be sure to play in the freshest day hours! The fresher you are, the more focused you will be in your game, and the better your results will be!

Keep an Eye on your Game Statistics

Keep an Eye on your Game Statistics

If you are just playing your FPS game all day without batting an eye on the statistics, you may just be wasting your time. To become better at FPS gaming, you will need to check your stats and aim for the best. As recommended by many professionals, always keep a check on your game statistics to compare your performance over time. Always push yourself to your limits, keep an eye on your mistakes, analyze, and improve. When you keep a watch on your statistics you can find your mistakes, analyze your fps and performance, identify any improvement, and learn ways to get better at your gaming.

Statistics are important because they create a sense of competitiveness, represent you in the game as a player, and good statistics can attract different Esports organizations who can reach out to you. So, keeping a check on your statistics can surely help you improve your FPS gaming.

Play the Game with Stronger Players

As the metaphor says, lions stay with lions because they are at the same level. Likewise, good players should always play with competitors who are at the same level as them. Before entering into a match, always make sure that you are playing with equally good, strong players. Don’t go for random teammates because in most cases you may get frustrated by their teamwork, communication, and overall participation. Always choose those players who are searching for new ways to improve their performance in the game.

It is also recommended that you choose the same players regularly because this way you will develop a good team spirit and understanding. The best part of this is that you can enjoy a competitive competition. Playing against strong players who are pushing themselves to their limit will create a competitive environment where you will want to improve your performance every day!

Do More Practice

Do More Practice

Playing an FPS game is no different than let’s say, learning a bike or a piano. It requires constant Fps practice, effort, and consistency. Doesn’t everyone always say, “practice makes a man perfect?”. Well, that is the exact key! To get better at FPS gaming, practice as much as you can. Play as many games as you can to understand the working of game handles, characters, maps, skills, and much more. You will be surprised with the results you get with practicing every day even when it’s just a 20-minute practice per day. If you are enthusiastic about getting better at FPS games, make sure to practice every single day!

Adjust the Settings of your Game

If your game feels slow and chunky, or maybe a little fast for you. Changing the movement and aim sensitivity may help you stay with the enemy rush and save you from rushing too fast or misfiring. You can also adjust the brightness or contrast to help you shoot better. Some players even adjust the graphical settings like textures to better spot their enemies.

Increase of Frames Per Second(FPS)

Increase Game FPS

One of the best ways to get better at FPS gaming is to play your game with a better FPS. Competitive gamers who play Esports always prioritize to check game fps and aim for the highest possible FPS to get an edge in FPS gaming. A high FPS gives you smooth animations, low latency, and the least distractions to help you fight better against your competitors. With higher frames per second, you can achieve improved, smoother graphics with less choppy animation that skips from one point to the other. With smoother animations, you can track your target easily. 

At higher frames per second, your character or object in motion is much clearer and the smoothness makes it easy to shoot your target as your eye can get a better focus. So, with a reduced ghosting effect at higher frames per second, your aiming performance can get better in FPS games. Moreover, a higher FPS also means that you will face less tearing, thereby reducing distracting effects and letting you stay focused on winning against your competitors. You also get a lower system latency at a higher FPS so your game will be more responsive, giving you an edge on the battlefield. Therefore, a higher FPS will give you the benefits of smoother animations that improve targeting, smaller ghosts the reduce distractions, and lower system latency that gives a more responsive gaming experience. You can always boost your Fps rate with an Fps booster tool. This can help you get better at FPS gaming!


Finally, we can say that there are several ways in which you can get better at FPS, some of which have been mentioned above. If you are consistent in practicing, you are sure to get better. While simply playing first-person shooter games will help you get better, the tips mentioned above must also be considered. Follow the tips given in this guide and you are sure to see the improvement yourself in a matter of just a few days. What are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself!

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1. What are some of the most popular FPS games?

Several popular FPS games are out there that you can play and enjoy. Some of these include Murderer, Crazy shooters 2, Merc Zone, Bullet force, shell shockers, and Mini Royale: Nations.

2. What is the most suitable game sensitivity for me?

What sensitivity is suited for you depends on your preference. Someone who has quick reflexes may require a high sensitivity than normal. You can test the sensitivity and find the one most suited for you.

3. Can a high FPS help me in better FPS gaming?

Yes, high frames per second in gaming can improve your FPS gaming because it offers better, smoother graphics that help you in better aiming and shooting.

4. When should I join the game’s tournament or a league?

It is suggested that you join your game’s league or tournament after you get to the competitive rank. Once you reach that rank, you can join competitions in your game.

5. What is a good FPS game for beginners?

There are multiple first-person shooter games that you can play if you are a beginner. Some of these games include Titanfall 2, Rainbow Six siege, Apex legends, Doom 2016, Destiny 2, Halo: The master chief collection, and Wolfenstein among others.

6. Are FPS games beneficial?

FPS games are known to be beneficial because these fast-paced games improve your focus, help you learn, and improve your multitasking abilities. These games are also known to improve hand-eye coordination and improve your brain skills. While these benefits are believed to be true, some people do believe the contrary.

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