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What is the iPhone 13 Refresh Rate?

What is the iPhone 13 refresh rate?

What is the iPhone 13 Refresh Rate?

For iPhone lovers, the news of a new iPhone coming out is very interesting! As the new iPhone 13 comes out, iPhone fans started looking for the new features the device brought along. The company loaded the new iPhone 13 with multiple features, unique to the phone itself. With the announcement, the technology sites become crazy, pre-orders start, and phones start being sold out. The greatest announcement of the iPhone 13 was the rumor that it supported a 120Hz display. Is this true? If yes, which of the versions are getting this amazing feature? You’ll find out about it here!

Why Does the Refresh Rate Matter?

All the screens we use every day have a refresh rate, that is the number of times your screen refreshes or updates. This is measured in terms of Hertz, or Hz, measuring the frequency of an action, or how often something occurs. Take an example of a camera’s shutter speed that controls the video of image motion blur. Fast shutter speed results in better, images with lesser blur as compared to slow shutter speeds.

Refresh rates are essential here because higher refresh rates give smoother results than lower frame rates which give choppy graphics. The same is the case with computer or phone screens where results are smoother and better at higher refresh rates. For most people, a refresh rate of 50 to 60Hz is enough for good results, but for gaming, you may need a high refresh rate, as high as 144Hz to reduce lag and improve gaming performance.

Much like computer and Android devices, Apple’s hardware has also brought in higher refresh rates with the latest ProMotion features enabled in the iPhone 13 Pro series.

Refresh Rates of iPhone 13

Refresh Rates of iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 refresh rates are variable based on the iPhone version. The iPhone 13 and 13 Mini do not offer a 120Hz refresh rate and are limited to 60Hz. However, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro max have 120Hz ProMotion displays.

It’s sad news for most that the iPhone 13 and iPhone Mini versions do not support a high refresh rate. The iPhone Pro versions, however, come equipped with the ProMotion feature, offering much more responsiveness. Moreover, the iPhone 13’s ProMotion in the Pro versions lets users adjust their refresh rates as they desire.

These versions of the iPhone are adaptable to as low as 10Hz displays based on what the user is doing. This feature allows users to minimize the refresh rate to preserve the battery life when the user doesn’t need 120H. With the iPhone Pro’s adaptable refresh rate, Apple says users can get “all-day long battery life”.

Many people have discussed how the 120Hz refresh rate of the iPhone Pro improves the overall user experience. This offers a competitive edge for gamers because 120Hz will double the gaming performance.

Improvement in iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max Functionality

Ever since its release in 2021, the functionality of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max has improved. When it was first released, the 120Hz functionality was only limited to some applications, so not all applications could benefit from the smoothness. Some apps worked well at 120Hz, but others only worked at 60Hz. This, however, has improved over the years. Since 2022, January, all the iPhone Pro and Pro Max apps now can run at 120Hz, giving smoother animations and better scrolling for every app.

iPhone 13 Refresh Rates by Version

Refresh Rate of Different Versions of iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 versions have different refresh rates based on the version. Yes, iPhone 13 does support a 120Hz refresh rate but this isn’t true for all the versions. Here are the refresh rates of the iPhone 13 based on the versions.

1. iPhone 13 and iPhone Mini

Both have a refresh rate of 60Hz.

2. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Both these versions display content on the device screen at the following timings and refresh rates. The highest refresh rate for iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max is 120Hz.

  •  120Hz, 8ms
  • 80Hz, 12ms
  • 60Hz, 16ms
  • 48Hz, 20ms
  • 40Hz, 25ms
  • 30Hz, 33ms
  • 24Hz, 41ms
  • 20Hz, 50ms
  • 16Hz, 62ms
  • 15Hz, 66ms
  • 12Hz, 83ms
  • 10Hz, 100ms

Is iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max Worth the Upgrade for its 120Hz Support?

Is iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max Worth the Upgrade for its 120Hz Support?

Whether iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are worth the upgrade for their amazing 120Hz feature truly depends on the person. For some people, this upgrade may be huge, while others may not find it as attractive. You may not that some people tend to be extra sensitive to screen refresh rates, easily noting even the most minimal differences. On the other end, some people can’t even differentiate between 60 Hz and 120Hz. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’d easily note the difference, though.

What you can do, although is to check the regular iPhone 13 and the iPhone Pro version side by side. In this way, you’ll be able to assess whether the 120Hz feature is worth the investment for you or not. So, if we look at the 120Hz feature of the iPhone 13 Pro alone, some may find it a worthwhile investment, those who consider screen fluidity important. Alternatively, those who cannot see the difference between screen refresh rates won’t find the feature very useful, hence it may not be a worthy investment for them.

Final Words

iPhone fans love hearing the news of a new iPhone coming out and that is no surprise. As the new iPhone 13 comes out, developers released the news that it will have a 120Hz refresh rate. This excites the user who plans in buying this phone. Yet, this feature isn’t available for all the iPhone 13 versions. Only iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max support the 120Hz feature. If you aren’t sure whether this feature is worth an investment for you, you can always try out the iPhone 13 and the Pro Versions at a shop to consider the difference. As exciting as it sounds, the 120Hz refresh rate feature is very interesting for enthusiasts, especially hardcore gamers who wish to enjoy their games with the best visuals.

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