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What is the iPhone 13 refresh rate?

What is the iPhone 13 Refresh Rate?

For iPhone lovers, the news of a new iPhone coming out is very interesting! As the new iPhone 13 comes out, iPhone fans started looking for the new features the device brought along. The company loaded the new iPhone 13 with multiple features, unique to the phone itself. With the announcement, the technology sites become […]

How to Enable Halo infinite fps counter

How to Enable Halo Infinite FPS Counter?

Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter game published by the Xbox series. It is the sixth mainline entry in the Halo series. This game mainly demands its players to regain control over Zeta Halo, and along with that, the players are required to discover what happened to Cortona and stop the banished from their bad […]

What is the Best Frame Rate for a 4k Video?

What is the Best Frame Rate for a 4k Video?

Many of us must have watched a movie or video and appreciated the cinematographers for creating such a masterpiece. Don’t you ever wonder what the story behind the movie or video was? How this piece of art was created? What is the standard video frame rate? Before entering the world of motion pictures, we just […]

How to Check Hz on Monitor?

How to Check Hz on Monitor? | Quick & Easy Method

We are now confined to an era of technology where you get to hear all sorts of technical terms. One such term you must have heard is Hz, also known as the monitor refresh rate. At some point, you must have noticed that some monitors have a very smooth display, showing images exceptionally well. Well, […]

Framerate of Animation

How Many Frames Per Second in Animation?

If you’re hearing the word FPS or frames per second for the first time, it can become very dull. However, these technical terms play an essential role in determining your animations and games. We live in such modern times where we want everything perfect. If we look at the days, the time before television, filmmakers […]

How Many Frames Per Second is Real Life?

How Many Frames Per Second is Real Life?

If you are not new to the gaming world, we are sure you must’ve heard about the term FPS or frames per second. For most gamers, the FPS of their games isn’t a high priority. However, for competitive gamers, the frames per second are crucial for good gaming. While we know much about FPS in […]


How to Fix Elden Ring Framerate? |

Elden ring has been one of the most popular games of this year 2023, a game that gamers have loved playing. Nevertheless, after the release, many gamers reported issues of stuttering and FPS drops along with crashes and technical bugs. Others have reported the game not launching on Windows 10 or 11. With these issues […]

Roblox FPS Unlocker not Working

How to Fix Roblox FPS Unlocker Not Working?

Roblox FPS unlocker is a tool used by gamers to change the Frame Rate settings when playing Roblox to achieve an improved resolution. FPS, or Frame Per Rate settings in the game may be adjusted using this Robloxfpsunlocker that users can download and use for free. When attempting to increase the FPS limit in Roblox […]