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How to Fix Elden Ring Framerate? |

How to Fix Elden Ring Framerate? |

Elden ring has been one of the most popular games of this year 2023, a game that gamers have loved playing. Nevertheless, after the release, many gamers reported issues of stuttering and FPS drops along with crashes and technical bugs. Others have reported the game not launching on Windows 10 or 11. With these issues showing up, many users have asked for a refund. While the permanent solution to the Elden Ring stuttering and FPS drop issue lies with the experts, we have compiled a few solutions that have helped other users as well. Before heading to the solutions, we’ll have a look at the reasons for FPS drop and stuttering in the game. Here’s everything you need to know.

Reasons for FPS Drop in Elden Ring

Here are some of the common reasons for the Elden ring dropping frames issue.

1. Incompatibility of System Requirements

You need to check if your system can run the game correctly. These stuttering and FPS drop issues may be occurring because your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the game.

2. The In-Game Graphics Settings

If you are playing Elden ring on a low-end device, with high in-game settings, you may experience this issue as you play. Lowering the in-game settings to low or medium may resolve the issue.

3. Conflict in the Graphics Control Panel Settings

Sometimes, the issue of frame rate unstable Elden ring may occur because of the system’s graphics settings. Often more than not, the graphics settings can give rise to several problems. If the graphics settings are too high, you may experience these issues in your game.

4. Graphics Drivers are Outdated

The reason for FPS drop and stuttering in the game may be because of outdated drivers. If you see GPU-related issues from executables like Steam, this is likely to be the cause. Check the GPU driver issues to see if your drivers are updated.

5. Windows May be Outdated

If you are running an outdated Windows version, and haven’t updated the system in a while, outdated windows are most likely the cause of the issue. An outdated version of Windows may conflict with the game’s latest files and cause bugs and glitches in-game performance and launching.

6. Overlay Confliction in Apps

In most cases, overlay applications can conflict with several games including Elden Ring. Check your system for any software or if the overlay feature is enabled. This may be causing the issue. Disabling the overlay software, in this case, can resolve the FPS drop and stuttering problem in the game.

Fixes for Elden Ring Framrate Drop

Now that we are aware of the causes of the problem, let’s head to the solutions for fixing Elden ring framerate and stuttering issues. Here are some of the effective solutions that helped gamers boost game fps and resolve stuttering issues.

1. Check the System Requirements of Elden Ring

Cross-check the game’s recommended and minimum system requirements and see if your computer can run the game properly or not. If the minimum system requirements of the game aren’t met, the game will not run properly. Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements.

– Minimum

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Processor: Ryzen 3 3300 X/Intel i5 8400
  • HDD Storage: 60 GB
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 580 or NVIDIA GTX GeForce 1060

– Recommended

  • Operating System: Windows 10 
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Ryzen 5 3600X or Intel i7 8700K
  • Graphics Card: AMD Vega 56 8GB, or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB
  • Storage: 60 GB

If your system requirements are being met and the issue isn’t yet resolved, look at the next solution.

2. Change the In-Game Settings

If you play Elden ring on a low-end computer, you will have to lower the in-game graphics to some extent if you want to resolve the Elden ring pc stutter issue. Here is how you can lower the in-game settings.

  • Start your game and visit the settings menu 
  • From this menu go to the Graphics tab 
  • From the Graphics tab bring down the texture and resolution options to low 
  • Now restart your game.

Check framerate of the game now by playing it and see if the game runs smoothly. The graphics, however, will be lowered. 

3. Change the Settings of the Graphics Card Control Panel

To fix the low framerate, you can adjust a few computer settings to get a boost in your game performance and run Elden Ring smoothly without any stuttering issues or FPS drops. Change your Graphics Control Panel Settings with the following steps.

  • On your Desktop, right-click and click on the option “Nvidia control panel”.
  • From here click “Manage 3D settings” and go to Program Settings.
  • Look for Elden Ring and make the changes given below.

 – Monitor Tech: G-Sync (If available)

– Threaded Optimization: On

– Maximum Pre-rendered frames:

– Power Management: Prefer the Maximum Performance

– Low Latency Mode: Ultra (Low as a PvE player)

– Texture Filtering – Quality: Performance

The following settings are for AMD users.

– Anti-Aliasing Mode: Select Application Settings

– Anti-Aliasing Method: Multisampling

– Morphological Filtering: Off

– Anisotropic Filtering Mode: Select application settings

– Texture Filtering Mode: Performance 

– Surface Format Optimization: On

– Wait for V-Sync: Off

– OpenGL Triple Buffering: Off

– Shader Cache: AMD optimized 

– Tesselation Mode: Override application settings

– Maximum Tesselation Level: Off

– GPU Workload: Graphics 

– Chill: Off

– Frame Rate Target Control: Disabled 

We hope that these graphics settings work for you so you can play the game without any stutters or frame rate lag. If the issue isn’t resolved, move to the next issue.

4. Update Your Graphics Driver

How to fix Elden ring stutter? The graphics driver has a major part to play in the computer’s functioning and for ideal functioning, so your drivers must be updated. Corrupted or outdated drivers can hinder the game’s functioning. By updating GPU drivers, you can fix performance-related issues. Here is how to update the graphics drivers.

  • Click on “Start Menu” and then in the search bar type “Control Panel”.
  • From here click on the option “View devices and printers” in the section “Hardware and Sound”. 
  • Now click on “device name” and then “Hardware tab”.
  • In this tab look for the name of your graphics card. 
  • Then click on this name and driver tab.
  • From the drivers’ tab, click on “update drivers”. The Windows will search for updates automatically and install them.
  • Once the process is complete, restart your device and launch the game to see if the problem is resolved. 

5. Update Your Windows

An outdated windows issue may also be the cause of a frame rate drop or stuttering in Elden Ring. Update your windows to the latest version to resolve the issue if it’s the cause. Follow the steps below to update your windows.

  • Click on the device’s Start Menu and search “Settings” in the search bar. 
  • In the Settings section, click on “Windows Update” on the left end. 
  • Then click the option “Check for Updates”.
  • If you find an update, download it and complete the process. Restart your computer to see whether the issue still persists or not. 

6. Increase the Priority of the Game

Increasing game priority can be a good Elden ring lag fix but it only affects based on the CPU. Follow these steps to increase game priority.

  • Open Task Manager by pressing the keys CTRL, Shift, and ESC key together. 
  • Search for Elden Ring running and right-click. Now select details. 
  • Click the process.exe file and choose the priority to high. 

This simple method will give priority to your game over the other apps, hence boosting game performance.

7. Install Latest Game Patch

As the developers have confirmed, technical and performance issues can be resolved by updating your game with the latest patch. These updates are designed to improve your game and make it more stable. These updates are released by developers to fix glitches and bugs in the game.

Hence, make sure to install all updates whenever they are released. See if you’ve disabled automatic updates. Then go to steam client to get the latest game patches. This can help resolve the game’s stutter and low FPS issues.

8. Enable the Game Mode of Windows

Using the Windows Game Mode will give your game a significant boost. As the game runs in priority, the intense tasks in the background are closed. Using the game mode may resolve the Elden Ring stuttering and FPS drop issues. Enable the game mode in the following manner.

  • Click “Start Menu” and search “settings” in the search bar. 
  • From settings click the “Gaming option” available on the left end. 
  • Then turn on the Game Mode.

9. Disable the In-Game Overlays

With in-game overlays, your frame rate may be hindered in the game. How to stop Elden ring stuttering? Disabling the in-game overlays can be helpful because these can, otherwise take a lot of your computer’s performance. Use the following method to disable in-game discord, steam, and Windows overlays.

– Discord

  • Launch the Discord app on your device, and then go to the settings menu. 
  • In settings, click the “overlay option” located on the left side. 
  • Then disable the in-game overlay option. 

– Steam

  • Open the steam app and go to the library. 
  • From the library, section visit game.
  • Now right-click on the game and click option properties. 
  • In properties, click the “General” option present on the left side.
  • From here, disable game overlays. Click on the checkbox to uncheck it. 

For Windows

  • Click the start button and in the search bar type settings. 
  • In this menu, click the “gaming” option. 
  • In the gaming tab, turn off “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar”.
  • Click the “capture tab” and turn off the “Record the background while I’m playing a game” option.

10. Use Compatbiltiy Mode

Setting the compatibility mode will be useful in establishing a more stable game on your operating system. Use the following steps to enable the compatibility mode.

  • Right-click on your game and go to “Properties”.
  • Then click the “Compatibility tab”. Select the “Run program in compatibility mode option”.
  • Then select “Windows 10”. 
  • Click “Apply” and then press ok. 


If you play Elden Ring and your frame rate drops or the game stutters, you can use the methods given above to resolve the problem. We hope that the fixes above help you in solving the issue of stutters and FPS drops while playing the game. One, if not more methods should work for you and solve your issue.

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