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Roblox CTO Envisions Metaverse Experiences to be Universally Accessible

Roblox CTO Envisions Metaverse Experiences to be Universally Accessible

Last year, Metaverse was all over the internet as Mark Zuckerberg declared the intent of his company to go ahead and bring the next big thing. The metaverse, for some, is the central part of the digital world creating a place of entertainment, work, consumption, and creation. Nevertheless, within a few months of Facebook rebranding as Meta, the happening stopped. 

As Sturman says, the earliest versions of our metaverse today had been popular for almost a decade, if not more. In an interview, Sturman had talked about his expectations of the metaverse and its growth in the future. 

On answering whether he expected Roblox to be more than just a game, Sturman says that he always thought of Roblox as something more than gaming. He says he believed it to be a 3D world of experiences where people could do anything and everything they wanted. 

Sturman says that he focused on Roblox as a way of interacting where people could interact in a 3D world and do a lot of interesting things. Bringing graphics and physics into the game makes it more immersive. He says he isn’t very surprised that people are using Metaverse, as it was already expected. In Roblox, the users are free to decide the avatar as they wish. 

Sturman says that users are given many choices to appear as they desire in the metaverse. 

Sturman was asked whether these avatars are the best representation of the players, to which he answered that it depends on the entire environment. He says, in terms of avatars, no one size can fit all. He says that the character isn’t necessary to represent the real you, it can be the other mechanisms that point out that. 

As more and more companies develop metaverse, the aim is to grow interactions and integrations. The aim right now is to get better connections to things like videos on YouTube. Two of the biggest challenges Roblox faces are broadening the experiences of the platform and the second is the breadth of creation. The aim overall is to create a platform where users can get a 3D experience. 

Roblox is about meeting everyone through devices. A world where users can interact and become a part of the entire experience. Wearables are an interesting technology, but won’t play a central role in the entire experience. 

As Sturman, CTO at Roblox says that the metaverse will be about the creators. Not just Roblox but all the other platforms too. While the companies are involved in providing the technology, the magic lies with the involvement of the creators, when they built amazing and interesting things. He says that it’s not the companies, but rather the creators who will bring an amazing idea that no one has thought of! 

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