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Roblox is Hiring More Than 300 Metaverse Roles | Get Your Role!

Roblox is Hiring More Than 300 Metaverse Roles | Get Your Role!

Adzuna stated that the “metaverse” US job listing had grown to 3,339 in February 2022 from 697 in October 2021. As McKinsey and company showed, there is a potential to reach $5 trillion by 2030. On its website, Roblox is advertising around 333 roles linked to metaverse including machine learning engineer – avatar, senior software engineer -virtual economy, and avatar tool designer. In 2021, Roblox had hosted, with Lil Nas X a virtual concert and launched Gucci town, the designer brand’s permanent virtual space. 

Metaverse, Morgan McGuire, Roblox’s chief scientist says, has a great opportunity for youngsters. He says that core tech skills are needed for a metaverse career, and different field knowledge like design, anthropology, economics, psychology, etc. may be useful. Here are the tips offered for those willing to join a metaverse career. 

1. Universities are a Better Choice Compared to Bootcamps

McGuire says a college degree is better, no matter how exciting a boot camp may seem. He says that college teaches you all the industry turns and builds critical thinking skills whereas Bootcamp focuses on specific skills.

2. Internships are a Good Point to Start

McGuire says internships are a good way to start finding out your areas of interest. He says the internship is more about assistance in leveling up, not about extracting employee value. Roblox is known to pay around $10,000/month to the interns working here.

3. Conduct Your Research on Available Platforms

You can get good knowledge from social media and informal in-person meetings McGuire had mentioned. He says Twitter and Reddit are great places for these discussions. He says students should attend online conferences like SIGGRAPH and GDC to get more knowledge regarding metaverse.

4. Pursue Personal Projects

If the capacity and time are available, McGuire says it’s best to do personal projects to show your passion on code-hosting platforms such as GitHub. He thinks this is a great way for learning Bootcamp things according to your pace.

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