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Is Roblox Getting Hacked in July 2022?

Is Roblox Getting Hacked in July 2022?

It isn’t just July; Roblox can get hacked in July as well as it may in the other months throughout the year. This isn’t something new because Roblox often faces rumors that the game may get hacked. There have been countless discussions regarding Roblox hacking, so much so that now an FAQ answer exists on […]


Roblox Game Pass Store Used to Sell Ransomware Decryptor

A new ransomware has come forth in taking the unusual selling approach for selling on the gaming platform, Roblox, its decryptor making use of the in-game currency, Robux.  Roblox is a popular gaming platform online where gamers design their games, monetizing them by selling the game passes. This offers access to in-game items, enhanced features, […]