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Why Roblox Stock Was Higher During a Down Day for the Markets?

Why Roblox Stock Was Higher During a Down Day for the Markets?

Why Roblox Stock Was Higher During a Down Day for the Markets?

Roblox’s video game stock reached high limits.

What Had Happened?

The shares of Roblox RBLX 14.03% went as high as 9.7% on Tuesday at 12.06 p.m. ET. The other stocks of video games had also been noticeably higher. That Take-Two Interactive and Electronic Arts stocks had been a little higher but the S&P 500 index had been down by 1.6%.

To explain the Roblox bounce, there was no company-related specific news. Other down platforms stocks like Netflix, Meta, and snowflake were higher in trading.


Roblox mentioned a 39% year-over-year growth in the year’s first quarter, but a drop of 3% was noted in non-GAAP bookings. The trend further declined in April going down to a year-over-year 8% and 10% decline. The company, in June, had estimated a year-over-year 9% to 11% decline in May.

Nevertheless, with more points of growth, Roblox still has chances to come ahead. Roblox, for example, started a data center to support growth in India.

In the last quarter, Roblox introduced innovative features like layered clothing and spatial voice for the digital avatars.

What Comes Next?

Looking at it from the valuation point, the Roblox shares had reached a lower level, the stock trading at around a 25 price-to-free cash flow. Now, it actively has it at 43. Investors have seen this valuation as a good chance for Roblox’s growth in the world of the metaverse.

As per the estimate of consensus analysts, the bookings of Roblox could reach 4% this year and further to 15.5% in the next.

Roblox Corporation; Should I Invest?

Consider this before investing in Roblox. The analyst team reveals that Roblox isn’t amongst the top 10 best stocks for investing as of now. So, before you decide to invest in Roblox today, make sure to consider this.

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