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Wimbledon and Roblox Launch ‘WimbleWorld’ to Engage New Generation of Tennis Fans

Wimbledon and Roblox Launch ‘WimbleWorld’ to Engage New Generation of Tennis Fans

Wimbledon and Roblox Launch ‘WimbleWorld’ to Engage New Generation of Tennis Fans

Wimbledon serves its audience to the partners and sponsors in the metaverse in its demographic of under 18.

With the tournament launching, WimbleWorld in the mini metaverse Roblox does too. With this, players can engage with their friends in the iconic virtual center court, which is celebrating its 100th year of being on Church Road.

Moreover, players in the game gain rewards and collect them to redeem them in Wimbledon’s virtual store. There are multiple rewards offered from the 2022 collection of Wimbledon Ralph Lauren. Users can make their avatars wear these in this game or others on Roblox.

Tournament and Roblox fans are also offered limited-edition products for avatars like the Andy Murray AMC cap 2022 and players can also meet Andy Murray in WimbleWorld.

While the global reach of tennis tournaments cannot be denied, James Kay, senior director of Roblox says that the ability exists to reach a wide audience through metaverse platforms like Roblox.

Kay says that this year is the 100th one for Wimbledon’s center court. It had maintained a legacy and went through the generations and will continue to the fans of the next generation, so new ways are devised to keep the fans engaged.

WimbleWorld is an addictive experience for most aged under 18 years. For tennis lovers, this is a great way to engage naturally in the game.

Wimbledon and Roblox

Other than WimbleWorld activation, Wimbledon is now winning over the strong simulator game, The Gang’s Strongman, one of the most popular Roblox games.

With its launch on Roblox, the social media channels of Wimbledon will promote WimbleWorld for a good crossover. Gamers can also enjoy other things apart from the experiences and activities of the game.

The mission, as Alexandr Willis, All England Club’s marketing and communications director say is to make sure that the new fans of the generation end up loving the game as much as today’s fans do.

Ahead of the Court

Kay says that work still needs to be done to bring brands to know the importance and possibilities in the metaverse. Yet, the platform’s creative activations offer great experiences for brands to work as persistent gaming and community hubs. Seeing that the platform has more than 10 million creators, he thinks that Roblox’s end destination is for the brands whether they involve in Roblox directly or not. Brands are not increasingly moving on a self-serve basis, directly reaching the studios and teams.

Today, WimbleWorld is on Roblox, much like any other mini metaverse where it can draw certain players outside the game itself.

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