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What Does FPS Mean in Game?

What is FPS in games?

What Does FPS Mean in Game?

If you have entered the world of PC gaming, you may have heard the word FPS a hundred times, if not more. Are you wondering what does fps mean? FPS is an abbreviated form of “Frames per second” which is a measure of the number of Frame rates that a monitor displays in one second in that time. If your screen shows an FPS of 30, this means that your monitor is currently displaying 30 different images in a second. If you’re here to know more about Frame rate in gaming, let’s take a head start.

FPS in Games

Fps means gaming depends on the ability of your system and the graphics card. A better system setup is more likely to give better frames per second that offer improved gameplay. When we talk about first-person shooter games, a higher FPS can give a greater advantage to the player over one who has a lower FPS. The reason behind this is that one with a higher FPS experiences seamless gameplay, making it easy for the player to catch their targets.

The screen photos must move quickly to mimic the real movement like in the case of motion pictures. With a strong graphics card, you can get an FPS as high as 1000, where you can barely tell the difference between motion video and reality. Fps in-game is important because it is necessary to enjoy competitive and strong gaming. In most cases, games can be played easily with an FPS between 60 to 120, and you don’t need any higher than that.

How much FPS should you have while Playing Games?

One of the most recurrent questions when it comes to gaming is about what FPS is suitable for playing games? You may also be among those gamers who wonder what the best FPS is for gaming. Well, that will vary based on what games you’re playing. In simple words, gamers would love to play games with an FPS as high as possible. Let us see what FPS range will be suitable for what type of gaming.

30 to 60 FPS

Games that are commonly played with this FPS are high-end PC games or console games because these are heavy and may overload the system. Moreover, if you aren’t competing with any other player, an FPS ranging between 30 to 60 is ideal.

30 FPS vs 60 FPS

60 FPS

If you talk about the most ideal FPS to play games, we suggest 60 FPS is just right. Console games can work at a maximum FPS of 60 in most cases. Overall, we suggest that 60FPS is a good option to enjoy decent gaming.

120 FPS

An FPS of 120 can only be achieved with gaming PCs. While 120 FPS is fun to play at, it won’t work if your PC has a 60Hz monitor. With this monitor, you can only get 60FPS and no more. This FPS is also suitable for players who want to enjoy a competitive gaming session.

240 FPS or Higher

If you are a great fan of First-person shooter games who own a very powerful PC for gaming, this may just be the right FPS for you. But to enjoy gaming at 240 FPS, you need to have a 240Hz monitor.

Regardless of how well-optimized your game or powerful your PC is, it is impossible to maintain a stable framerate. But at a higher frame rate, these variations will be less apparent.

How to Measure Your FPS Rate?

If you wish to measure your FPS rate, several games will have integrated features that show you the FPS while you play your game. If your game settings do not allow you to see the FPS, you always have other options. You can use the Fps test online to measure your FPS during a game that you’re playing, or you can also use an Fps counter software that is also available for free.

One of the most popular platforms used for measuring FPS is fraps. When it runs in the background, you will see your FPS overlay in your games.

Frame Rates

Advantages of High FPS

Have you ever felt that your reaction time had been limited because of not being able to see real-time movement while your opponent faced no such issues? That is when a high FPS comes in. With a high FPS, gamers have a significant advantage over those with a low FPS because a high FPS shows more frames per second on the screen, allowing you to see even the smallest motions at great speed. Since a higher FPS will make your games smoother in contrast to a low FPS, you will be able to react in a better way to all the things in your games, thereby getting an edge over your competitors.

If you want an Fps boost in your game, there is no better way than to use an FPS booster. FPS boosters are tools designed to improve your FPS while you play your games.

Advantages of High FPS

When is a Lower FPS Better?

As weird as it may sound, sometimes it’s actually better to play with a low frame rate to get a better gaming experience. If you’ve ever used Frap to check your FPS, you may have noticed that when several enemies or animations appear on the screen immediately, your FPS declines. This is why it may be useful to sometimes put a limit on your gaming FPS. switching between low and high frames can get very frustrating when you’re playing your favorite games because you cannot get a consistent or smooth experience. To avoid such problems, and in such cases, a lower frame rate is more suitable to enjoy good gaming.


That’s all! This is mainly everything that a new gamer should know about FPS in gaming. So, at the end of the day, you must play around with the settings of your game to see what the maximum FPS is that you can set while ensuring that it remains stable. If you want to get the best out of your gaming, we suggest you do all things that are necessary to achieve the highest FPS possible!

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