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How are Refresh Rate and FPS Correlated? | Hz vs Fps

Refresh Rate vs FPS

How are Refresh Rate and FPS Correlated? | Hz vs Fps

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If you know anything about the world of PC gaming, we are sure you must’ve come across the terms, refresh rate, and frames per second. The problem however is that most people don’t even know that there is a difference between Hz and fps. While some prefer Hz or the refresh rate, other gamers give preference to high frames per second. Because people are often confused between refresh rate and fps, the difference between both must be highlighted. Let us explain to you in detail.

What is FPS (Frames per Second)?

Frames per second is a longer form of FPS which is a measure of the number of frames that are drawn or processed by your computer in a single second. Frame rate is, therefore, the speed at which these images are being shown. The higher your frame rate, the better your display experience will be. At a higher FPS, you also get clearer and smoother displays in your games. The frame rate of your monitor is determined by several factors including your device software, graphics card, and the CPU. Since the FPS determines your gaming experience, it matters.

Frames per Second

What is the Refresh Rate (Hz)?

The Hz fps represents the refresh rate which represents the number of times your monitor renews a new image on your screen in a second. Refresh rate is measured in Hertz, Hz and is a technical term used in televisions, computer monitors, and other such viewing devices. Like the FPS, the greater your refresh rate, the better your monitor displays fast-motioned objects on the screen like in games, sports, or action moves. In the world of gaming, a high refresh rate is essential to enjoy the best graphical effects during gameplay.

Monitor Hz

Refresh Rates in Gaming

When we talk about the refresh rate in gaming, high rates are essential to enjoy the best graphical effects that are possible during gaming. A high refresh rate in gaming gives you smoother-looking motions and this can be seen by how smoothly your mouse cursor moves on your device’s screen. While most modern monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate, which is the bare minimum, it can lead to problems like eye strain and fatigue. This is why a refresh rate of 75 Hz may be a more suitable starting point. However, if you are a serious gamer, you may want to play your games with a refresh rate of 120 or higher.

FPS vs Hz

Let us explain the details of refresh rate vs frame rate if you are still uncertain of the differences. While both frame rate and the refresh rate are a measure of the number of times a still image is being displayed in a second, some differences in fps to Hz should be noted. While both the terms are used synonymously, frame rate and refresh aren’t the same. The frame rate is a measure of how many still images are being generated by your GPU and CPU in a game. This is measured in FPS, frames per second, and is often viewed as a benchmark for evaluating a gaming PC’s hardware power.

Refresh rate, on the other hand, is a measure of how fast or quick a display can refresh an image. Much like FPS, a higher refresh rate will give a smoother video or gaming experience. While the refresh rate is the one directly linked to computer monitors, both a high frame rate and refresh rate affect what you can see on the monitor screen. If your monitor has a high refresh rate, but the processor and graphics card gives a low frame rate, you won’t be able to experience the most out of gaming, and vice versa.

Fps vs Refresh Rate

Which is More Important for Gaming?

Monitor Hz vs fps, which is more important for gaming? Both are very important specs needed for gaming and in an ideal condition, your PC hardware should give you a similar Hz to fps of your monitor. Both are equally important because you will be capped wherever both specs are lower. For example, even if you have a PC that can give 150+ FPS, your monitor will still refresh only 60 times per minute. Alternatively, your 144Hz monitor will not be able to display 144Hz if your hardware only runs at 60FPS. So, both the refresh rate and frames per second are equally important for getting the best gaming experience.

How to Maximize Frame Rate and Refresh Rate?

Because your monitor’s refresh rate is a display spec, you should start with a monitor with a high refresh rate. For gaming, it is recommended that you have a 120-144Hz monitor. You will also need to connect your GPU to a monitor with a high refresh rate through the DisplayPort since most HDMI versions are capped at 60Hz.

To improve the frame rate, you’ll have to consider factors like the game detail settings, the display resolution, but take a start from the hardware. The graphics card is the most important factor that is needed for higher frame rates. Your CPU is also a powerful factor in achieving a high FPS. So, to get a higher refresh and frame rate, you’ll have to consider both the software and hardware of your device.


So, while the FPS and the refresh rate differ from each other greatly, they are interrelated. Ultimately, the major difference comes down to the origin points. Frame rate is produced by combining your processor and graphics card, therefore, is a measure of how many frames your system can produce in a second whereas the refresh rate is the measure of the number of times your monitor completely refreshes the displays. While both have their differences, they need to be in line to be able to avoid visual defects while gaming like screen tearing.


Does 60Hz Mean 60 FPS?

Well, yes. That is because, with a 60Hz monitor, the screen is refreshed 60 times in a second, therefore, only 60 FPS can be the output. So in that case 60Hz will give a 60 FPS.

What Does 144Hz Mean?

144Hz means that your monitor’s display refreshes 144 times in a second for showing a new image.

Do You Need High FPS For 144Hz?

Yes, if you will need to get a high FPS for a 144Hz monitor because you need an FPS of 144 minimum to be able to play a game on a 144HZ monitor. 

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