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Why is my FPS so Low?


Why is my FPS so Low?

When it comes to a modern PC game, graphics are one of the most crucial selling points. A High fps leads to better graphics and better graphics means an improved gaming experience. Alternatively, when you have a low frame rate you’ll not be able to play your game at the best. Whether your gaming PC isn’t running smoothly, or your games are performing to their best, we’re here to the rescue. If you’re here to learn more about fixing low fps in games, let’s know more about it.

What is FPS?

Frames per Second

FPS or frames per second represents the number of images or frames that are presented on a display panel in a second. This frequency is measured in FPS. For example, an FPS of 60 means that 60 distinct images are being displayed on your screen in a second. A low FPS results in jerky and jagged movements. A high frame rate, on the other hand, can make a difference in the appearance of frames per second and resultantly enhance the gaming experience.

Why is FPS so Important in Gaming?

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’d want to improve fps in games because a low one can lead to problems and may cause hurdles for you to win the game. If your FPS is lower than your opponents, they will likely see everything quicker, leaving you in the dust. Moreover, screen tears and glitches can also be frustrating and may lead to your loss. A low FPS in games will give you choppy image quality with major lags. Since these split seconds could be the difference between victory and defeat, it is necessary to check fps in your games and find ways to improve them.

What is Low FPS?

A low FPS or low frames per second is when your games slow down as a result of low computer power or memory to run the game appropriately. There are multiple reasons for a low FPS. Sometimes it can be because of weak graphics cards, an outdated PC, insufficient RAM, or old graphics drivers.

Impact of Low FPS on Gaming

Impact of Low FPS

If you’re playing fps games such as Roblox, you may want to unlock fps because a low frames rate can result in poor and choppy video quality, as well as lags during your games. This can sometimes be the reason for losing games because you are not able to see the images on your screen as fast as your opponent can. Hence, a low FPS can often result in poor gaming and defeat.

Reasons for Low FPS

When you experience a low FPS, there can be several factors leading to it. Some of the reasons you may have a low FPS includes:

  1. Outdated drivers.
  2. Background apps or programs running on the computer.
  3. Slow or old graphics cards.
  4. Running games on a resolution higher than needed.
  5. The game settings may be set too high.

How to Fix Low Frame Rate?

To improve your FPS, the following methods may be of use.

1. Update your Video and Graphics Drivers

Sometimes, a low FPS can be because of the outdated or old graphics card. Try to invest in new graphics cards like NVIDIA, AMD, or intel that bring performance improvements.

2. Optimize Game Settings

Turning down the settings of your game can sometimes be a reliable way to give your FPS a boost. Explore the special effects or post-processing to adjust the settings.

3. Reduce the Resolution of the Screen

Higher screen resolution also reduces your FPS in games. So, to achieve a good FPS in games, you may want to lower the screen resolution.

4. Use FPS Booster

An Fps booster is a special tool designed to increase your frame rates in your games. If other things haven’t helped much, try investing in an FPS booster software as it helps to boost FPS by closing background programs.

5. Get a High FPS monitor

One other way to improve FPS is to invest in a high fps monitor. These monitors are designed to support high FPS in your games.


We’ve had a look at some of the ways you can use to fix low FPS on your device. Sometimes, if one method doesn’t work, a combination of two or more methods will surely bring your FPS back to a good level. So, try the methods above if you experience a low FPS issue.


1. Does low FPS affect aim?

Yes, a low FPS can affect your aim directly because you will not be able to see images fast and quick enough with a low frame rate.

2. Does low FPS make you lag?

No, it’s not the low FPS that causes the lag, but the failure of your PC to keep up with the game you’re playing.

3. Does low FPS affect sensitivity?

No, a low FPS in your games does not have any effect on your mouse sensitivity.

4. What is a good FPS for gaming?

For most gamers, an FPS of 30 will be enough, but gamers believe that the FPS for good gameplay should not be lower than 60.

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