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How to Show FPS in Rust?

Rust is a very interesting game that you will love if you enjoy playing survival games. Although this game is almost 8 years old, its popularity has grown over the years all thanks to the pandemic. Like any other game, you need a good FPS in Rust as it gives smoother graphics and a better […]

How to Show Tarkov FPS in Game

How to Show FPS in Tarkov?

In recent years, Escape from Tarkov has become an increasingly popular game that is being played by multiple players around the globe. This hardcore FPS game requires great skill, expertise, and intense focus. Since this game requires intense focus and skill, you need to see your FPS in the game to assess your performance. Playing […]

Does overclocking CPU increase fps

Does Overclocking CPU Increase FPS?

Gamers know the importance of CPUs in gaming. While the GPU will matter more than the CPU, it still affects your gaming FPS in many ways. A high FPS ensures that you get a good gaming experience without any lags. If your CPU is underpowered, it will limit your GPU’s power to work and therefore […]

Show FPS in League of Legends

How to Show FPS in League of Legends?

Gamers know the importance of a good FPS in gaming. FPS, standing for frames per second counts the number of frames that are being shown in a second on your display. FPS is a good way to assess how well your gaming is working. A good FPS gives you better graphics, lesser lags, and a […]

How to Show FPS in Overwatch

How to Show FPS in Overwatch?

Overwatch has taken the world by storm. Overwatch was released in May of 2016 and quickly became one of the best-selling games of all time. Overwatch is a game where two teams fight to capture points on the map. There are six different game modes in total to choose from, which means that there is […]

Change Monitor Refresh Rate

How to Change Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 10?

When you’re playing games, several factors come into play and affect the efficiency of your gaming. One of those things includes the screen refresh rate windows 10. A higher refresh rate can display more FPS, thereby increasing your gaming and video experiences. At a higher Fps and refresh rate, you can achieve better graphics with […]

FPS in ps5

How Much FPS Does PS5 Have?

Today, we live in the rapidly growing world of gaming, where every other person is playing a PC game, if not more. Some gamers play games on PCs while others are fortunate enough to have a ps5 HDMI to enjoy their favorite games. PS5 and games are closely linked because it allows gamers to enjoy […]

How Many Frames Per Second Are Movies?

How Many Frames Per Second Are Movies?

When it comes to movies and games, a good frame rate is essential for a smooth, lag-free experience. The Fps in movies is a measure of how many frames are being displayed on your screen in a second to create the moving picture that you see. When a video is playing there is a quick […]

How to Show FPS in Valorant?

How to Show FPS in Valorant? | Easiest Steps

Ask any gamer and they’d tell you how necessary frame rate is to a good gaming experience. FPS gamers love playing games at high frames per second because it gives them a competitive edge. Therefore, you need a high-end PC along with a good GPU processor to achieve a good FPS in your games. Valorant […]