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Roblox FPS Unlocker Mobile | Free Download

Roblox FPS Unlocker for Mobile

Roblox FPS Unlocker Mobile | Free Download

Every gamer must have heard once, if not more, about Roblox which is a famous online gaming platform. While this is an old yet popular game that gamers have always loved, the problem with Roblox is that it does not allow gamers to play at an FPS above 60, since the Roblox fps is fixed at 60. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, the Roblox fps cap is available for a lag-free gaming experience.

But, can gamers increase the FPS in Roblox games on mobile? Yes, Fps unlocker Roblox mobile is a tool that helps with just that. Millions of gamers use Rbx fps unlocker to enjoy games at a high FPS. if you’re here to know more about this tool, let us guide you on how to use the Roblox fps unlocker.

What FPS Does Roblox Run at?

By default, the Roblox game is capped at an FPS of 60 and players cannot go beyond this limit when playing their favorite games. Because this is an old game, the FPS is limited, and even after the turning of years, this limit has not been removed. So the Roblox game runs at a limited FPS of 60. While this may be enough of an FPS to run the game smoothly, competitive gamers in search of a seamless gaming experience may need a greater FPS than this bare minimum.

What is FPS Unlocker?

The Roblox fps unlocker for mobile is a great tool that allows gamers to unlock the game’s FPS and go beyond the limit of 60. In this manner, gamers can play Roblox games according to the potential of their device.

How does FPS unlocker work, and what does it do? With this tool, you can Unlock high fps in Roblox mobile because it disables your device’s V-sync and frame limiter that is set by default, limiting your FPS at 60. Once these are disabled by the Roblox Mobile FPS Unlocker 2023, gamers can play the game at a high FPS without any lag.

Roblox FPS Unlocker for Mobile

While Roblox doesn’t support any built-in features for addressing the FPS issue, it does allow gamers to use a third-party app like Roblox frame unlocker to increase the FPS of the game, thereby avoiding any gaming issues. You will need to disable the frame limiter and the V-sync to use this tool that is normally enabled when you play any game on Roblox.

Fpsunlocker Roblox works by disabling the V-sync and the frame options, thereby allowing gamers to take full advantage of their monitor’s potential. Expensive monitors will be of no use with the V-sync enabled, so this tool is very useful. Therefore, FPS unlocker is a great tool that allows gamers to enjoy the best gaming experience on the Roblox platform, it doesn’t help with improving the graphics performance. You can now also play Roblox games on your mobile by the Frame rate.

GFX Tool For Roblox (FPS Unlocker for Roblox Mobile)

The GFX tool for Roblox is a tool that allows gamers to unlock the maximum FPS limit at 144 FPS and HDR graphics. If you love playing mobile games but are dissatisfied with the performance in Roblox, the GFX tool can come to your help.

GFX Tool

This application gives you greater control over your video game’s graphical performance. What you have to do is just select the FPS, graphics, and resolution of your choice, and then play your game. While this tool is free for users to enjoy great gaming, it does contain ads and does not work with all devices as it is available in beta.


The unique features of this tool make it stand apart from the rest. These features are enlisted below.

  • Offers CPU and GPU boost
  • No lag/ no ban
  • Offers multiple resolution options
  • Gamers can select resolution, frames per second, and graphics type
  • Battery efficient and no lag mode
  • Allows HDR games to be unlocked in low-end devices
  • Shadow level can be set or disabled
  • Light effects can be disabled if needed
  • Allows gamers to unlock the best FPS level
  • Gives a boost to your gaming performance
  • Enables 64 Bit/ 32 Bit colors
  • 100% safe and secure for use
  • Low volume issues can be fixed
  • Free for use

Features of GFX Tool

How to Download and Install the GFX Tool?

The fps unlocker download is a simple and easy process. Just click on the download button given below and you will be redirected to the GFX tool. Then tap on the install button of the app to download and install it on your device.

Download GFX Tool

How to Use the GFX Tool?

To View fps in Roblox and boost it, just follow these steps to use the GFX tool.

  • Once the application is downloaded to your device, open it from your menu.
  • When the app opens, select your desired options from the listed graphics option.
  • If you want a detailed set of graphics, click the “advanced” option.
  • Set the graphics settings according to your choice,
  • Once you have set these settings, click the “Run Game” button and then run the game.

So, following the very simple steps above, you can easily remove the limit of 60 FPS and play your Roblox games at an FPS as high as 100.


Today, Roblox is one of the most loved games by gamers all over the world. If there’s one thing people hate about this game, it is the FPS limit that doesn’t let the game go beyond an FPS 0f 60. This small software, the Roblox FPS unlocker has been a great breakthrough that allows gamers to play their favorite Roblox games at a high FPS, ensuring to use their gaming PC to its full potential. What’s the use of having a 144 Hz monitor if you still will have to play your game at a 60 FPS? That’s where this tool comes to the rescue. By limiting the V-sync and frame rate, it allows gamers to get the best gaming experience. This software is entirely safe to use, and you won’t ever get it.


1. What if Roblox FPS Unlocker causes Lag?

Sometimes, the Roblox FPS unlocker causes a lag in your game because it forces your mobile’s GPU to work with a maximum FPS and this can cause lag. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry, because it won’t always happen. To maximize your device’s RAM, it’s best to uninstall any useful apps on your device. 

2. What is the maximum fps on Roblox mobile?

The maximum FPS on Roblox that you can achieve on your mobile device is 100 frames per second. You can boost fps on mobile, the FPS cannot go beyond this limit.  

3. Is using an fps unlocker unsafe?

Yes, the FPS unlocker is entirely safe to use because it does not violate any of the terms and conditions of the game. Roblox will never ban you from using this tool because it is stated as safe even by the Roblox developer. 

4. Is fps unlocker allowed to use in Roblox?

Yes. Roblox FPS unlocker is allowed in the Roblox game because developers have stated it as being safe for use. Since it is allowed to be used in this game, even by the developer to increase the FPS rate, you won’t get banned. 

5. Does ram increase your fps?

Yes, in some scenarios based on the RAM available on your device, more RAM may help in increasing the FPS. In such cases, getting more RAM on your Android device will increase your FPS in the game. 


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