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Starbound FPS Booster – Get a Great FPS Boost

Starbound FPS Booster

Starbound FPS Booster – Get a Great FPS Boost

Today, we have shifted to the gaming era, where gaming tends to be our favorite way to enjoy a break. Ask gamers why they love playing PC games, and they’ll tell you how fun they are. No matter how exciting or unforgettable the game, lagging games are never fun. Starbound is one of the popularly played games today.

Do you play Starbound? Do you also face lagging issues? If yes, this article is for you. Here, we’ll cover more about the Fps booster Starbound and how you can use it to improve your gaming experience. But before we dive into the details, let’s have an overview of Starbound and why you need an FPS booster for the game.

What is Starbound, and Why Do You Need an FPS Booster?


Startbound is a fun-filled adventure, a two-dimensional game truly loved by gamers. Players gain new weapons, objects, and other equipment in the fantastic two-dimensional world. Players can also visit towns and villages where there are many intelligent things. Moreover, players can also play the game in multiplayer mode with the characters of their choice.

While it is the latest game, equipped with the best game features, it is still poorly optimized and doesn’t have any mods. Without the GPU and only using 1 CPU for the client and server, the game wouldn’t work very well, regardless of how good your computer or system is. You may run into problems every time!

This is where the Starbound fps booster mod comes in. An FPS booster is a great way to achieve a high FPS in a game. You can also use the FPS booster to improve your performance in Starbound. The application works by closing any different apps running in the background that may slow down your games.

Try the FPS booster to boost FPS in-game. Let’s know more about the Startbound FPS Booster.

Features of Starbound FPS Booster

Startbound FPS booster is a CPU-intensive application that boosts your FPS and improves your gaming performance in different games like Starbound. Here are the mods and features of the game.

1. Different Versions

The Starbound FPS booster has many different versions, so you can easily select the one that goes best with your device.

2. Multiple Threads

FPS booster Starbound also has multiple threads allowing you to pick the one that matches your processor core.

3. Give Your FPS a Boost

Starbound booster boosts your game by shutting down any extra apps, so your CPU focuses on running your game.

4. CPU-Intensive

This FPS booster is CPU intensive more than GPU intensive, so you don’t experience lags in your game. The CPU-intensive feature makes sure you can play your games at ease.

5. Reduce Game Lags

Starbound FPS booster is a complete tool designed to boost your performance in Starbound.

Starbound FPS Booster Mod

Starbound FPS Booster Mods Benefit

Here are some of the mods of Starbound FPS Booster.

  1. Optimizebound
  2. Parallax Compression
  3. Parallex Removal
  4. No Surface Backgrounds
  5. More Threads – 4 thread edition
  6. More Threads – Lag reduced – x6 edition
  7. Freeze That Gate!
  8. More Threads – Lag Reducer – 8 Thread Edition
  9. Ancient Strip Light Particle Remover
  10. Buffs – No Animation
  11. No Cape Particles
  12. Less Sky (RAM’s Cut)
  13. Perfect Set Effect Remover
  14. Remove Dark Set Particles
  15. No Sandstorm Particles
  16. No More Duststorm Particles


Starbound is a fantastic game loved by many gamers around the world. The only thing we don’t like about the game is the frequent lags and stops it faces. Well, that isn’t an issue as long as you have the Starbound FPS Booster. This FPS booster is a great way to get higher fps in your games. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself today!


1. How do I increase my FPS in Starbound?

There are several ways to increase FPS in starbound, one of which is by using the starbound FPS booster. Moreover, you can use triple buffering to get a better framerate.

2. What is the best Starbound Mod?

You can use many Starbound mods in the game to boost performance. These include Avail Race Mod, Buffs – No Animations, Freeze That Gate, More Threads, Less Sky (RAM’s cut), etc.

3. Is Starbound optimized?

Starbound is poorly optimized, so it doesn’t support the best gaming performance. Even with the best CPU, you may still experience lags and run into problems. So, you may need a good FPS booster to optimize the game.

4. Is Starbound better or Terraria?

Starbound is one of the latest games today, so the graphics and sounds are much better. Even though it is pixelated, it is still much better than Terraria. Moreover, added depth and shadows give a better look and improved performance. Furthermore, you can use the FPS booster to improve your game performance further.

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