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Roblox is Hiring a PlayStation Engineer | 2023

Roblox is Hiring!!

Roblox is Hiring a PlayStation Engineer | 2023

Roblox has come forth as a famous game with around 50 million users playing it every day, as mentioned by the company, Roblox – that’s mainly because Roblox is a free game available on several platforms like Android, iOS, Xbox, and PC. Surprisingly enough, the game is absent from the PlayStation list, but that could be ending very soon, as, in the latest news, Roblox has updated a job listing for a PlayStation Console senior software engineer.

Being the gaming console software engineer, you will be building and supporting the game engine that is being used worldwide by several million users for other the platform of Sony PlayStation and other such top gaming consoles available in the market,” as has been said by Roblox in its listing (emphasis on Roblox’s). As per the listing, among the responsibilities of the job is “developing and supporting Roblox client applications for different platforms of gaming consoles like Xbox One, Microsoft, and Sony PlayStation 4.

While Roblox’s listing has given many an indication that Roblox seems eager and willing to bring Roblox to PlayStation, it cannot be said for sure when it will become available for Sony’s platform. Having said that, Roblox has shown a willingness to expand to newer platforms earlier. Baszucki had been told that PlayStation, Meta’s Question, and Nintendo Switch are “logical platforms’ and “make good sense for the game,” yet no ship dates are shared as yet.
It also looks pretty likely that Roblox has an idea of the cash cow that the Epic Games Fortnite is on the platform of PlayStation.

From 2018, March through the July of 2020, it was known that PlayStation 4 had made about half of the total revenue of Fortnite, as the Epic Games v. Apple trial court documents had mentioned. Roblox wouldn’t want to miss such an opportunity, for sure.

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