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FPS Booster 1.3 | Free Download & Review

FPS Booster 1.3

FPS Booster 1.3 | Free Download & Review

FPS Booster 1.3 is a great FPS and game booster for multiple different games including PUBG, CS: GO, and many others. The tool helps to increase the FPS by tuning the game to run at its best performance. One of the best things about the tool is that it is updated regularly with new features to improve game performance. 

To use the file, download the secure version from the website, install it on your device and run the tool. You can also adjust the settings if you want changes to the game booster. Then press the boost button and start your games. The latest version of FPS Booster is compatible with multiple games like GTA V, and others, and gives a significant boost to the game FPS. The tool, other than game optimization, also improves system performance by freeing up memory and maintaining the PC temperature. FPS Booster must be set and run before launching the game. 


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