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Sodium FPS Boost | Free Download & Review

Sodium FPS Booster

Sodium FPS Boost | Free Download & Review

Sodium Mod is a stable game-boosting tool that will help to boost the FPS in your games without impacting the CPU workload. The tool is unique because it optimizes your game and increases FPS by promoting the game graphics and lighting. With the CPU workload reduced, you can get up to 90% improved performance. Sodium game booster also better manages the game’s memory by reducing RAM usage and optimization to minimize screen tearing and lag in your favorite games.

Sodium is an open and free source that improves your stuttering and frame rates in your games. The compatibility is also vast when compared to other mods. With sodium enabling all your optimizations, you don’t need any additional configurations. The problem with the tool is that it often faces crashes and poor performance. To resolve this, make sure to keep your drivers updated.


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