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FPS Monitor – Free Download & Track Frame Rates

FPS Monitor

FPS Monitor – Free Download & Track Frame Rates

If you want to get something new for checking your FPS, try the FPS monitor, contemporary and modern software to check your FPS during your games. While the software is pretty simple, the features are modern and advanced. As compared to the older software like Fraps, the FPS monitor supports loads of features and customizations. This comprehensive program works well with Windows 10 and shows your FPS along with CPU and GPU performance. It is the first tool to come close to Fraps in providing accurate data and other unique features.

FPS monitor lets you customize various FPS overlay features like its font color, font, component spacing, addition, removal of components, and much more. The best part is that all these features can be accessed in the trial version for free. You can purchase this software if you find the tool useful and want to get all these features.

The FPS monitor tool doesn’t just give you the FPS count in your game; it also lets you enjoy the game to its fullest by offering fantastic customization options. If you want to use the tool and find it helpful, purchase it to achieve its full potential.

Interface of FPS Monitor


  • Modern and updated interface with advanced features
  • Straightforward software
  • It supports several customization options
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Provides accurate data
  • Comprehensive program
  • Features can be tested with the free trial version before purchase
  • Select the characteristics that you want to see on your screen. Other than the FPS, other metrics can be added as well.


  • The paid version is costly


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