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DxTory Full Version Free Download

Dxtory Free Download

DxTory Full Version Free Download

If you want a tool similar to FRAPS, DxTory is a great choice. The software lets you check your FPS in the game by showing you the FPS counter in OpenGL and DirectX games. The software uses the DirectX Surface Buffer for memory, allowing fast video recording and screen capture in high-quality. With the VFW codecs, you can select the video codec you prefer. Multiple audios can also be recorded simultaneously.

When you have Dxtory active in your games, you’ll see the FPS counter at the left, upper end of the screen. It also allows you to change the FPS counter. While Dxtory is a paid tool, costing around $35, you can use the free version to check FPS in your games for free. The most amazing part of the tool is that you are free to save your screenshots in different formats and you can also customize your FPS counter as you want. Whatever way you customize your FPS counter, the performance won’t be affected because DxTory is an adaptable and robust program. While the tool is paid, you can use the free, trial version to check your FPS when playing games. At first, you may find the Dxtory interface a little difficult, but you’ll learn how to use it in no time. Multiple setup and configuration options are available here.



  • Captures high-quality pictures and videos
  • Customizable FPS counter – change color
  • Screenshots can be saved in multiple formats
  • Reliable software
  • See real-time framerates in OpenGL and DirectX games
  • A free, trial version is available for monitoring frame rates
  • Multiple audios can be recorded simultaneously


  • The interface is a little complex


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