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Top Roblox Creator Shares Metaverse Tips & Strategies

Top Roblox Creator Shares Metaverse Tips, Strategies, for Brands

Top Roblox Creator Shares Metaverse Tips & Strategies

Joining Roblox in 2011 at the suggestion of his brother, Samuel Jordon, at the start, found this game to be boring because of the blocky looks. Nevertheless, over time, he found the game to be interesting due to its ability to simulate real-life and that like in actual life, people wanted to pay to virtually express themselves.

By 2022, he had sold millions of digital items and earned by 2021, over $1 million. Later he launched Roblox accessories with Stella McCartney.

As metaverse continues to gain interest, Jordan believes that metaverse is already there but brands haven’t realized that yet. So, for now, it’s just cartoonish, blocky characters.

Jordan says why the platform can give a revenue opportunity for brands, how the things learned from Roblox can be shifted to the metaverse, and that brands don’t understand this platform yet.

Why is Roblox a Great Revenue Opportunity for the Brands?

Jordon says brands don’t understand that Roblox can generate greater revenue. In 2021, Roblox had said that 25% of revenue had been represented by virtual items and this grew 50% within a few years, showing its potential. In 2021, it had generated $1.9 billion in revenue. 

The reason this game is seen as different by Jordon is that people can community, socialize and show their expressions with their avatars in the digital space. Hence, just like in our world, brands have the chance to express themselves.

How can Teaching from Roblox be Used in Metaverse?

Meta’s Horizon and Decentraland are platforms that gained public attention but Jordan believes the focus of the companies is on the technological details such as decentralization when talking about metaverse strategies.

People enjoy playing Roblox and since they create their avatars, they are creating a digital version of physical products. People then sell them and wear them in their games. When they meet someone in the game, they can tell the other person that they like the brand, hence helping in expressing themselves.

What Do Brands Not Understand About Roblox?

Jordan thinks that brands don’t understand Roblox’s hand in shaping Gen Alpha and Gen Z culture. Roblox is played with half of the kids in the US and it creates and dominates its own culture.

Jordan warms the companies not to overestimate their brand cachet when using Roblox because of the different experiences.

He says that companies need to consider how people are engaging in their online content because, with Roblox, everyone has a different experience, as opposed to social channels where the content is static.

Roblox is, therefore, unique with its base having great gender parity and this isn’t seen anywhere in gaming. Roblox has successfully created a platform where everyone feels welcomed.

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