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Good Gaming Inc. Expands MicroBuddies Brand into Roblox

Good Gaming Inc. Expands MicroBuddies™ Brand into Roblox

Good Gaming Inc. Expands MicroBuddies Brand into Roblox

Entering the interactive entertainment space gives the intellectual property of MicroBuddies™ the chance to increase the global demographic.

On 14th June 2022, Good Gaming Inc, the innovative company making interactive gaming experiences ever since 2008 announced its MicroBuddies™ expansion to Roblox.

Good Gaming Inc. is developing and expanding its interactive avenues, now making its way into

Roblox with its user-friendly platform, robust audience potential, and a million players, serving as a good fit for the intellectual property of MicroBuddies™.

The Microbuddies-themed virtual world brings amazing contests, competitions, and quests for visitors with prizes to win. Players can play to get GOO and coins and improve their abilities in the games. MicroBuddies in-experience store will also offer players the chance to get boosters and upgrades for their game and win rare and unique items.

Roblox, being a popular gaming platform has more than 50 million active users daily and around 10.5 million active creators from all over the world. The game can be played virtually anywhere whether on a laptop, phone, PC, or Xbox. users can enjoy creating different virtual worlds and playing with friends.

David Sterling, Good Gaming’s COO says that they are working to bring the project to left with a MicroBuddies ecosystem offering avenues for driving players’ interest. The aim is to create interactive gaming experiences for gamers and everyone seems to be excited over the entire plan.

David Dorwart said that entering the metaverse was a great evolution for MicroBuddies with daily active users increasing. Roblox offers a great opportunity for growth for the platform with its well-set community. The dates for the launch of Microbudies on Roblox are expected to be announced in the coming six weeks.

Good Gaming Inc.

Since 2008, Good Gaming Inc. has been a leading gaming brand, expanding its reach in 2016 with different Minecraft servers like SkyBlock and Prison versions. They went on to create their MicroBuddies in 2021, an NFT blockchain game. Good Gaming still continues to search for interesting and innovative ways to get across the gaming industry. With a dedicated community and staff, the aim is to make a fun and engaging place for gamers to have fun and enjoy.

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